Why Blackjack and Video Poker don't offer Big Bonuses


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One thing people love about both land-based and online casinos is that they can earn comps based on their play. For example, if you're in a brick and mortar casino, you can get free drinks, meals and hotel stays by playing lots of games. Likewise, internet casinos give players the chance to collect deposit bonuses, get free play, and exchange points for cash. So obviously comps and bonuses are a great thing for anybody who's into gaming.

But one aspect that often gets overlooked here is how certain games don't earn you the same amount of rewards as others. This is especially true when you play both blackjack and video poker since they net players much fewer bonuses than games like slots, roulette and keno. Seeing as how this is the case, it's worth taking a closer look at why you can expect fewer rewards from video poker and blackjack.

Profit Margin

When it comes to comps, most casinos have this subject down to a science. They know exactly how many freebies to give visitors based on the games they're playing, how much they're betting, the rate at which games are being dealt/played, and the specific house edge.

The last point is key in this discussion because both video poker and blackjack have very low house edges. Most video poker variations have around a 0.46% casino advantage or lower, while blackjack games normally feature a 0.5% casino edge. So on any given hand, you'd be at nearly an even money bet with the house.

Taking all of this into account, gaming establishments aren't making as much money off of video poker and blackjack on average. So it only makes sense that they'd want to keep bonuses to a minimum for these players because they're just not as profitable. In the end, the lack of blackjack and video poker rewards merely comes down to casino profit margins.

Is it still worth playing Blackjack and Video Poker?

Comps lovers may think twice about playing these games since the bonuses won't flow as freely. However, even without the plentiful amount of rewards, the low house edge is more than enough to consider playing. After all, most comps won't make up for a big casino advantage anyways, so skilled players should stick with blackjack and video poker.

Just remember that you'll need to learn strategy for either one of these games before you can achieve the extremely low house edges. But with some hard work and practice, you should have no trouble playing well and going after profits.