Big Slots Winners who weren't really Winners


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When the flashing lights and horns start going off, many slots players are ready to celebrate because they've won a huge jackpot. Unfortunately, slots machines aren't perfect and they sometimes malfunction - leaving heartbroken would-be winners in the wake. Keeping this in mind, here are a few people who thought they won a big slots jackpot, only to discover that their machines were not working properly.

Software Error erases $62 Million Jackpot

Perhaps the saddest slots story in history belongs to Behar Merlaku. The 26-year-old was playing a slots game at Austria's Casino Bregenz when the machine indicated that he'd won a ridiculously large €43 million ($62 million) prize. Following his windfall, a joyous Merlaku was let down when casino officials told him that the win was merely a software error. This was too much for him to handle as he fell into a deep depression and eventually tried to sue Casino Bregenz, but to no avail.

Indian Casino Controversy

Many people in the United States advise against playing at unregulated casinos - such as those on Indian reservations. And Jerry Rape might be one of them after a $1.38 million jackpot that he won was chalked up to a malfunction in the slots game. Following this decision, Rape sued the Indian-owned Creek Casino in hopes of recouping some of his jackpot win. However, a Montgomery, Alabama courtroom ruled that they couldn't do anything about the alleged slight since it happened on an Indian reservation.

The Miss Kitty Misunderstanding

Our last sorrowful slots tale comes from 87-year-old Pauline McKee, who thought she'd hauled in a $42 million jackpot on the Miss Kitty slots game she was playing. This near-win occurred at the Isle Casino in Iowa, where officials explained to McKee that Miss Kitty's top payout was $10,000; however, due to a software glitch, the game accidentally displayed a $42 million jackpot win. The granny wasn't convinced since she tried to sue the casino without any success.

Now we certainly don't mean to scare anybody away from playing slots in the future with this article because nearly all jackpot wins are legitimate. However, just be aware that if the bells and whistles go off for you, the jackpot win still has to be verified.