Indian Casino refuses to pay $1.38m Slots Jackpot

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Winning a huge slots jackpot is every casino visitor’s dream since it enables them to get rich within an instant. Jerry Rape thought that he was living this dream after his slots machine at Creek Casino Montgomery paid out a $1,377,015 jackpot. Unfortunately for Rape, this dream turned to a nightmare after the casino denied his jackpot win.

Machine Malfunction
Jerry Rape probably wishes that he’d stayed home and played for an online slots jackpot after the ordeal he went through. First, his machine went off with flashing lights and sirens, thus indicating a jackpot win. However, the win was investigated further when the slots game designer, PCI Gaming, arrived to have a meeting with Creek Casino about the win. 
Their meeting didn't end until the next day, when the casino informed Rape that his slots jackpot was the result of a "machine malfunction." The dejected slots player then hired an attorney named Matt Abbott to represent him, and he took the case to court. Abbott described Rape's experience to the courtroom by saying, "He essentially sat there for 24 hours before casino employees told him that the machine malfunctioned."
No Luck
Rape got no help in his case at the Montgomery County Circuit Court after they ruled that this was a tribal matter, and the courts had no jurisdiction here. The once-thought winner says he will appeal the case, but the outcome is looking grim since Creek Casino Montgomery is governed by tribal laws, rather than the state gaming commission in Alabama.
Following Jerry Rape's lost jackpot, some people in the slots community have expressed outrage over the way this matter was handled. One poster on wrote the following, "The only avenue of appeal is to the casino owner. At least with the other casinos, one can appeal to the state gaming commission, and the “malfunctions” don’t appear to happen as often there."
While this sentiment marks what some see as a problem from various Indian casinos throughout the United States, it won't be getting Jerry Rape his slots jackpot.