Top 3 Ways to avoid Gambling Money You can't afford to lose


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One of the biggest stigmas that accompanies casino gaming is that it's filled with addicts who would bet their house or car to get out of the hole. But the reality is that only 1% of gamblers are actually considered addicts who have a problem.

Of course, there are people outside of this 1% who, at some point in their lives, have gambled money they could't afford to lose. Now this doesn't mean they'll suddenly develop into addicts and have a long-term problem. But it does warrant some discussion on ways that a player can avoid betting too much money.

1. Limit Access to Money

In the age we live in today, where ATM's and online payment processors are readily available, it's all too easy to get money whenever you want it. For example, let's say that you lose your $200 bankroll in a land-based casino, but visit the ATM to withdraw more cash. Seeing as how you lost your bankroll, it's very unwise to get more funds out just to continue playing.

Assuming you have a problem with this, it's a good idea to limit your access to the money. So if you play at land-based casinos, keep your ATM card in the hotel room safe or at home. Only bring cash into the gaming establishment that you can afford to lose. If you play at online casinos, only put small amounts of money on the site at one time.

Sure it's still possible for you to get more money when you run out, despite limiting your access to it. However, creating inconveniences and minor obstacles like this can go a long way towards keeping you from over-betting.

2. Dive into Bankroll Math

Another great preventative measure is to fully understand what's going on with regard to the math behind your bankroll and casino games. Take some time to split your bankroll into units and note how much you can afford to lose before it affects your bills and living expenses. From here, you need to divide your bankroll into units and play at the appropriate stakes.

For example, if you play blackjack and have a $400 bankroll, you could divide this amount into 40 units worth $10 each. Assuming you really want to extend your time on the tables, you could divide it into 80 units of $5 each. By doing all of this, you'll have a better idea of how long you can play and what's affordable.

3. Play Games with Low House Edges

It's hard to properly manage your money if you are constantly playing casino games with a high house edge. Games that give the casino a big advantage drain your money quicker, on average, and give you less time on the tables/machines. And who wants to quit playing when they've barely had much time to bet?

So you might want to seriously considering playing casino games with a low house advantage. Baccarat (1.06%), blackjack (0.5%), craps (1.36%), French roulette (1.35%), Pai Gow poker (1.52%) and video poker are the best games to play for those wanting to extend their time on the tables.

It's never easy to quit making bets when you love casino gaming. But if you've had a rough day at the tables, or just have seen your money slowly grind away, it's very important to stop playing before wagering anything you can't afford to.