Check out these new games at AllSlots Casino

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Keeping players interested is the key to keeping them loyal. AllSlots Casino is apparently well aware of this fact and ready to do something about it too. Even though they already have a host of crowd-favorite games like 5-Reel Drive, Tomb Raider 2, Jacks or Better, Thunderstruck and Blackjack, they’re continuously adding to their game selection to provide something fresh for their patrons.

One such new game that they feature is the Rat Pack video slot. Besides the catchy theme, this game has a bunch of scatter symbols on the reels meant to give players as many free spins as possible. If you’re looking for a free-spin extravaganza, the Rat Pack is for you.

The Beach Babes video slot features a 6X multiplier, which will offer players up to 30 spins. 600,000 coins can be taken down on this video slot machine.
The Fighting Fish video slot offers an excellent bonus round. When the red fish and blue fish expending symbol go head-to head, you get to play in the bonus round in which you’ll be able to bet on whether the red or the blue fighting fish comes out on top.

The Kings and Queens video slot has a similar bonus round, plus an 8X multiplier and an extra wild symbol.

If slots don’t ring your bell, the Triple Pocket Holdem Poker Gold offers you some excellent slots-free gambling fun.
This game has you going up against two dealer hands in a round of Holdem and gives you the possibility to earn a 40-1 payout.