Blackjack Pro 2021


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Blackjack Pro 2021 – ‘BJ Pro’ for short – is the fullest and most customizable blackjack game currently available. There are many different options to choose from, including Vegas or European rules, dealer hits or stands on soft 17, number of splits allowed, number of decks (1, 2, 4, 6, or 8) and deck penetration levels (how ‘deep’ the dealer goes into the decks before shuffling the cards), and a unique feature - the option to manage the deck and determine the order of the cards in the deck, easily change cards’ positions, and save or load your custom decks (over 40 saved decks are available in the full version).

During this month we offer limited offer to download it free -

Save the file Blackjack Pro 2021 App and install it.

Features of the full version:

  • Fully functional, non-restricted, personalized copy of Blackjack Pro 2021
  • Modify blackjack table rules: numbers of splits, double downs, surrender, and penetration level.
  • Placing bets higher than $25 (up to $500 per bet)
  • Double down, Split cards and Surrender are enabled
  • Option to adjust deck penetration level – this is the percentage of cards dealt before the dealer reshuffles the cards (deck penetration is very important to blackjack card counters)
  • Manage, create, save and load custom deck formations in Blackjack Pro’s unique Manage Deck feature, allowing you to practice and improve your blackjack game (over 40 saved decks are included in the full version)
  • Basic strategy screens that show you the correct play according to your cards, based on single decks, multiple decks, Vegas or European rules
  • Free updates and upgrades for one year

Features coming soon (Blackjack Pro 2021 customers are entitled to free upgrades!):

  • Blackjack game helper-screens that tell you the right move and correct you when you make a mistake
  • Sounds effects, background music, and cards and chips animations
  • 'Blackjack Academy – detailed guides and tutorials on almost any play you make in blackjack, including mistakes corrections, game recommendations, card-counting explanations, statistical analysis, blackjack strategy and more
  • Game history, betting strategy analysis, and money management
  • Flash cards – practice your card counting techniques and be on your way to becoming a true Blackjack Pro!
  • Want a feature which you think we should add?
  • Contact us and let us know all about it. Accepted features will be put into the next version and the recommending member will get credit for his feature, along with free updates for life!

Premise of Blackjack Pro 2021

You start off with $1000 in your balance. First you should set the table rules according to your preferences (click on the Rules button at the bottom and make your adjustments to the default rules). Next, if you like, you can create, save, or load a custom deck by clicking on the ‘Manage Deck’ button at the top right corner (on the ‘shoe’). The deck(s) is always shuffled by default and is completely random. Now that you’re all set up it’s time to play blackjack. Place your bet by clicking on the chips at the lower right part of the screen. You can create any chip tower you with by clicking on the $5, $25, or $100 chips (maximum bet is $500). Click on the rightmost chip to clear your entire bet, or click on the chip tower itself to remove the topmost chip. The chip tower is automatically sorted to present the lowest chips at the top and the highest chips at the bottom. Once you’ve placed your bet click on ‘Deal’ and you’ll receive two cards, and the dealer will also receive his card(s) (one card or two cards, depending on the game rules selected). Next you need to make your play. Depending on the game rules, the dealer’s upcard, and your cards, you’ll have the option of selecting any of the following plays:

  • Surrender – Give up ½ your initial bet before the dealer can act, and don’t risk playing your hand through.
  • Stand – Indicates that you’re happy with your hand and you don’t want any more cards
  • Hit – Tells the dealer that you want to receive another card
  • Double – Means that you want to add another bet identical to your initial bet and receive only one additional card (and that’s it!)
  • Split – This means that you have two identically-valued cards and you want to create two separate hands out of each of them, and you’ll be given one more card to each split hand. In addition you’ll need to add another bet identical to your initial bet. Once you have a new split hand you can play it just like a regular hand, depending on the table rules.

After you’ve made your play it’s the dealer’s turn to act. The dealer must either draw additional cards until reaching ‘soft 17’ (i.e. a hand with an Ace that is counted as 11 instead of 1) or until reaching ‘hard 17’ (i.e. cards point total of 17 with no Aces or with Aces that are counted as 1). The outcome of each round depends on the player’s and the dealer’s cards.
The player can win, lose, tie (or ‘push’), or ‘bust’, depending on the following cases:

  • A player wins if his point total is higher than the dealer’s, if he gets a natural Blackjack and the dealer doesn’t, or if the dealer busts at the end of the round while the player’s hand is still alive.
  • A player ties with the dealer if the dealer’s point total equals that of the player’s hand.
  • A player loses if the dealer’s point total is higher than the player’s, if the dealer gets a natural Blackjack and the player doesn’t, or if the player busts.

That’s all there is to it; now you need to start playing and enjoying blackjack!


Blackjack Pro 2021 Game Screens Explanations

  • Registering Blackjack Pro 2021 Full Version
    After you have made you made your purchase of Blackjack Pro 2021 you will receive an automatic email containing your personal Blackjack Pro 2021 registration details and a link to download the full version. Download the full version, install and activate it. You will be prompted with the following popup. Insert your details

    Inserting your personal registration details will unlock the program, allowing you to enjoy Blackjack Pro 2021’s full feature set.

  • About Blackjack Pro 2021
    Once you’ve registered your copy of Blackjack Pro 2021, you will be able to see your registration details in the About screen. In addition you’ll be able to send to us by clicking on Contact Us, and we’ll be more than happy to help.
  • Main Screen Features and Buttons
    • Manage Deck Button – top right corner of the screen. This opens up the Manage Deck screen that allows you to save, load, and customize your decks and cards
    • Game Chips - $5, $25, $100, Clear Bets
    • Game Buttons: Rebet, Deal, Surrender, Stand, Hit, Double, Split, Yes/No (Insurance, Even Money)
      Insurance (Yes / No): Player decides whether to put 1/2 the initial bet as insurance if the dealer has Blackjack. Insurance pays 2:1 on the insurance bet
    • Lower Right Buttons: Rules (opens table rules dialog), Help (directs to the help page on, About (opens About dialog)
    • Balance: Informs the player of the current balance

    BlackjackPro Table

    Game in progress screenshot.

    If you try to quit the program while still playing a hand you will be notified that if you quit you will forfeit the hand and lose your bet

  • Manage Deck Screen
    • Move to Top: Moves selected card to top of the deck
    • Move Up: Moves selected card to top of the deck
    • Move Down: Moves selected card to top of the deck
    • Shuffle: Shuffles cards
    • Sort: Sorts cards according to classic deck card distribution
    • Save: Saves deck
    • Load: Loads deck
    • Order Full Version Button: Opens Blackjack Pro 2021 order page

    • Blackjack Table Rules Screen:
    • Number of Decks (1, 2, 4, 6, 8)
    • Dealer Play: Dealer Stands on all 17's / Hits soft 17
    • Max number of Splits (1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Double Down Allowed: Any first 2 cards / On cards sum of 9, 10, or 11 / On cards sum of 10 or 11
    • Additional Rules: European Blackjack: Dealer receives 2nd card after the player finishes playing
    • Allow double down after splitting
    • Allow re-splitting of aces
    • Allow late surrender
    • Shuffle: After each round
    • Allowed Penetration Level (determines how much of the deck will be dealt before it is shuffled).’Penetration’ means how far into the deck(s) the dealer goes until he shuffles the cards.