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Basics of 7 Reel Slots

Back in the early days of slots, when games only featured 3 reels and one payline, it was hard to fathom slots games ever reaching 5 reels - let alone 7 reels. But that's where we are today as there are some slots games at online casinos with 7 reels going from left-to-right.

What's great about 7 reel slots is that they offer players so many different ways to win because there are multiple reels and paylines available. Furthermore, these games are increasing in popularity as more and more slots players try them. Assuming you're interested in trying 7 reel slots, here is an in-depth look at what you can expect.

7 Reel Slots Games

Contrary to popular belief, most slots players have little trouble picking up on 7 reel slots because the payouts are pretty easy to understand. You only have to line up 3 symbols in a row across the 7 reels to win. But if you're still sketchy on how these games work, all 7 reel slots games come with a "Help" screen, which makes it very easy to understand the games and payout structures.

Some 7 reel aspects that you might not find on the help screen include the coin sizes and payline selector. These two aspects are very important to slots players because they determine how much money you'll be betting on each spin. For example, a particular game will let you toggle the coin size from $0.05-$5.00, and change the number of paylines from 1-7. So if you selected the $5.00 coin size and 7 paylines, your total wager on the spin would be $35.00. Assuming you want to win big and have the bankroll to do so, going with max coin amounts and paylines is certainly a fun way to play 7 reel slots. 

If you've ever played 3 or 5 reel slots, then you should have little trouble picking up on the other aspects of 7 reel games such as the spin, bet and max bet buttons. Given a few minutes, most people should be able to understand these games in a few minutes or less.

7 Reel Slots Jackpots

Most of the 7 reel games you find at internet casinos offer somewhat small jackpots in comparison to the 5 reel progressive slots out there. For example, you might be able to win a 2,500-coin jackpot by playing 7 reel games, which doesn't quite compare to the 10,000-coin jackpots and higher in 5 reel slots.

Even still, the fact that you only have to line up 3 symbols within the 7 reels makes the jackpots appear a little more attractive. Now this isn't to say that the 7 reel jackpots will come easily - it's just to say that the structure isn't complicated at all. Furthermore, the smaller jackpot sizes give you more of a chance to win the top prize than say a 10,000-coin top prize.

7 Reel Slots Features

The majority of features seen in 7 reel slots games are pretty standard, and not specific to any one game. For example, you'll see plenty of colorful symbols, sound effects, the ability to toggle sound on/off, payline selectors and varying coin sizes. 

Interestingly enough though, there aren't many slots bonus games or unique features to be found in 7 reel slots. But even with this being said, the 7 reel concept is usually reason enough to try the games if you're looking for something different.