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i-Slots Basics

While most slots games faintly tell a story through the symbols and theme present, i-Slots take things a step further by introducing video clips and engaging characters to tell a detailed story. Players are usually introduced to the main characters and storyline through a video clip at the beginning of the game. Then, as players move further through the levels and unlock more prizes, they get to see more video clips that advance the story.

Other than the enhanced storytelling element, i-Slots play much like any other online slots game; the only exception is that the story's much more entertaining and interactive. Furthermore, there are even sequels to original i-Slots games such as the Real Crime and As the Reels Turn series, which make them akin to the movie world. In some cases, you can even update existing games to include new episodes (when available). You'll also find that the majority of i-Slots games are fairly easy to play as well.

i-Slots Games

Currently, the i-Slots game selection is a bit limited because this is a fairly new concept in the online slots world. A few of the i-Slots titles that are currently out include Cosmic-Quest, Crazy Jewelry, Fixer UpperHeavy Weight Gold and Hole in One.

You can expect the small selection of games to grow in the future because i-Slots are always gaining new fans due to the engaging story elements. In addition to this, those who enjoy a good story often find i-Slots more addicting because they want to keep playing in order to advance the story. In a way, this speaks to the increased entertainment value of i-Slots.

i-Slots Jackpots

There aren't really a whole lot of big progressive jackpots involved with i-Slots right now, but there are some fairly large prizes available. For example, Fixer Upper offers players a maximum jackpot of 8,888 coins, which is pretty big by any slots game's standard. There are also several other games with comparable jackpots that come close to this amount.

However, we have yet to see any i-Slots games approach the giant jackpots that are common in the regular 5 reel slots world. Of course, as the i-Slots games grow, it's very likely that we'll see the jackpots grow in size too.

i-Slots Features

Besides the aforementioned video clips and detailed storylines, there are plenty of extras featured in i-Slots that are common in other slots variations. Some of what you'll see with i-Slots includes 5 reel games, up to 15 paylines, scatter symbols, multipliers, wild symbols and bonus games. As for the bonus games, some of these are triggered at random, while others are based on certain scatter symbols. 

One more feature of i-Slots worth addressing is the fact that you can download these games to your iPhone. Assuming you have enough space on your iPhone, downloading these i-Slots games should be no problem.