Why Slots Bets seem to Disappear Fast


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Everybody can find enjoyment by chasing big prizes on the slots reels. After all, slots games are easy to play, and you could potentially win a huge jackpot on any spin. But while dreams of jackpots often keep people playing slots, the reality is that big payouts are rarely seen. What's more is that many players see their money disappear pretty quickly thanks to the appropriately named "one-armed bandits."

So what gives here? Why does it seem so tough to leave a slots session with a profit? If you feel like your bets vanish pretty quickly through slots games, then you're probably onto something. Keep reading to find out why slots is one of the stingiest games in the casino.

Small but Big Wins

Unlike games such as baccarat or blackjack, slots doesn't see players collect frequent, small wins. Instead, payouts are often much larger than what a player initially wagers; for example, a slots game might offer a jackpot worth 10,000 coins. Obviously a casino can't cover this amount by handing out frequent payouts to players, so most of your spins are going to be losers.

Assuming you were on a machine that gives players a 15% chance of winning on any spin, this means you're going to be losing 8-9 times for every 10 spins. So if you don't get any big payouts during a slots session, it will seem as if your money is vanishing rather quickly.

Are Slots Games worth playing?

Some players may not like the idea of waiting around for big slots prizes. But this doesn't mean that you should totally ignore slots because this game can be lots of fun. Nothing beats the thrill of being able to win a huge payout any time you spin the reels! Furthermore, you don't have to put a lot of in-depth thought into slots games because the strategy is really easy.

The main thing you need to know about slots strategy is that online casinos normally offer higher payout percentages. By playing online slots, the average player can usually expect around 95% payback. Contrast this to land-based casinos, where payback is usually 88-92%.

Assuming you find the best payout percentages for the stakes you play, you'll have a better opportunity of making profits in slots.