Where do Casinos put their Best Slot Machines?


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People have developed countless theories about casino games that they swear help make them money. And one of the most popular theories is slot machine placement - or the idea that casinos put their best slots in specific spots. So is there any validity to this thought? Let's take a more in-depth look at the slot machine placement theory to see if people can actually gain an advantage with it.

High Traffic, Low Traffic

When it comes to slots games, players can improve their profits by looking for machines that offer the best payout percentages. For example, it's better to play a 90% payback game, rather than an 80% payback game. Unfortunately, land-based slot machines don't include this information on them, but you can usually get the info by searching online. 

Interestingly enough, some people don't even think you need to look online since they believe it's all about the casino traffic. Going further, they think that high traffic areas such as aisle ways, casino bars and entrances feature the worst slot machines. After all, these are the places that will usually feature lots of action since so many players are walking around these spots.

The same theorists believe that low traffic areas such as dark corners of the casino are where the best slot machines are found. The logic here is that casinos want to stuff their best-paying games in corners where few people are likely to travel.

Reality of the Situation

Now that we've explained the theory of where people think casinos put the best slot machines, it's time to look at the facts. While slot machine placement may have been valid at one time, no experts are willing to back this idea today. Sure casinos may have put their best slots in certain positions once upon a time, but the top games could be sitting anywhere these days.

So if you're looking to find the best slot machines, don't just rely on some rogue advice they're in the darkest corner of the casino. Instead, get online and look for the best payout percentages yourself. Better yet, you can play online slots, where the payout percentages are always high!