What You need to know about 3D Slots


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In the past, people were happy with the mere idea that they could play slots online without leaving the house. Sure the graphics and features weren't always the greatest, but most people didn't care as long as they were spinning the reels and going for big prizes.

But times have changed and players demand more from their slots games. Now the popular games feature stellar graphics, entertaining animations and fun bonus games - all of which you'll find in 3D slots. These 3D games are actually taking over the slots industry, and you can get a glimpse of why they're so popular below.

More Attention to Detail

One primary reason why 3D slots are becoming the industry standard is because they offer so much from a visual perspective. For starters, these games feature highly sophisticated graphics and truly engaging characters. When you see how well the symbols and background are designed, it's hard to go back to "regular" 5 reel and 3 reel slots games.

A Bigger Emphasis on Entertainment

3D slots not only stand out because of their graphics, but also due to the extra entertaining frills they offer. Whenever you get a winning combination, the symbols will perform some action. For example, landing five alligators in a single payline might cause all of the gators chomp at you afterward. Some games also include entertaining cutscenes before and/or during the game.

Plenty of Betting Options and Features

One more reason why 3D slots games are so beloved is due to the bounty of betting choices and features. Most of these slots have more options and features than your typical game. In regard to the betting options, you might be able to change coin sizes from $0.01 - $5.00 and paylines from 1-30. This means that both high and low rollers will feel comfortable on the 3D reels.

Assuming you've never tried 3D slots before, it's definitely worth giving the reels a spin. At the very least, you'll get to see stellar graphics and exciting animations while you're playing. You may even grow to love these games more than anything else offered in online casinos!