What are Fruit Machines?


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One division of slots that is really intriguing is fruit machines. This type of slots is especially prevalent in the UK, where fruit machines are found throughout a lot of pubs and airports. But many other parts of the world may be unfamiliar with what a fruit machine is, so we'll discuss the basics below.

Typically 3 Reels

Most of the land-based and online fruit machines that you see feature 3 reels. In a sense, you could say that these fall into the classic slots realm because of their 3 reels. However, not all fruities are classic slots because many of the newer games offer 5 reels.

Skill Elements

One aspect that really separates fruit machines from other types of online slots is the large amount of skill elements involved. "Hold" and "Nudge" are two of the most commonly seen features. With Hold, you can hold a certain reel(s) in place so that it will hopefully be matched with other reels that'll be spinning. When using the Nudge option, you can slightly nudge the reels to make a better combination.

Bonus Features

Just like how other online slots games have their bonus rounds, fruit machines also offer interesting additional prizes. For example, a "bonus trail" looks like a trail on a board game, and players will win prizes or end their bonus opportunity early depending on what numbers the reels show. A "cash ladder" is a multiplier that increases the payouts you earn on the bonus trail.

Online Fruit Machines

Like any form of slots, you can find fruit machines online. All you need to do is browse around the different internet casinos to find online fruit machines. What's nice about playing the internet version of these games is that you can earn big bonuses and VIP perks based on your play. And the great thing is that you don't even have to sign up for a player's card like at land-based casinos.

But no matter where you play fruit machines, just remember that these are very entertaining games that can add an extra element to your online slots experience.