Think Twice before playing Penny Slots


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Penny slots: they're quick, fun, and supposedly cheap. Okay, so maybe the last point doesn't always reign true, despite what the name suggests.

These games are called penny slots because casinos want to create the illusion that, just for a penny per spin, you could win big money. And while this may be true in theory, the average player is barely ever going to win big when betting a penny. That said, let's take a closer look at why you need to think twice about penny slot machines.

"Penny" in Name Only

One thing that many recreational slots players don't realize is how they must wager the maximum to achieve the highest payout percentage. Most penny slots feature maximum bets of $1 - $5, which is a significant amount for many people.

So, by betting just a penny, you might only achieve an 88% long-term payout percentage. However, those who bet the maximum might be privy to 96-98% payback. Again, you'll need to wager $1 - $5 (depending upon the machine) to achieve the highest payout percentage.

Why this is the Case

You might feel cheated and lied to right about now. After all, you'd expect a game called penny slots to allow anybody to play cheaply without penalizing them. But the reality is that casinos need all of their machines to provide a fair amount of profit.

So if you only bet a penny per spin, you may not be eligible for certain bonus rounds and/or jackpots in the game. Assuming you bet the maximum, instead, you will be eligible for bonus rounds and top prizes. Sure, this may not seem fair to recreational players, but casinos don't want to give penny bettors the same chance to win as $1 - $5 bettors.

Passing the Time

If you're thinking of letting our previous discussion deter you from penny slots, this doesn't have to be the case. You can still pass the time on these games and enjoy yourself as long as you're not hell-bent on achieving the top payout percentage.

Plus, you can still win some nice prizes when you're only wagering a penny per spin. So if you don't have the bankroll to wager $1 or more on each spin, bet $0.01 instead. Just be realistic, though, and don't expect to win a million dollars any time soon.