Is there any Skill to Slots Skill Stops?


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Many people like a little skill involved in their casino games, which is why baccarat, blackjack and poker are so popular. Of course, that's not to say skill is a necessity because many people love slots too. And few would contend that slots is one of the more strategic casino games since you're just spinning the reels and letting Lady Luck do the rest.

In an effort to attract people who love skill-based games to slots, many machines are now featuring a "skill stop" option. The way this works is that players will spin the reels, then hit the stop button to manually halt the reels. In theory, this does seem to add more strategy to the game because you've got control over when reels stop. However, it's worth taking a deeper look at this matter to determine if skill stops really do have an influence over results.

Lightening Quick

The idea behind manually stopping reels is that you can push/click the button at exactly the right time to line up specific symbols. For example, if five Wild symbols win you the jackpot, it's preferable to hit the stop when you've got the best chance of getting Wild symbols.

Unfortunately, the problem with this is that symbols move too fast for you to accurately time up anything. Furthermore, even if you click the skill stop when a certain symbol has appeared, there's no guarantee that this symbol ends up where it was when you clicked the button.

Totally Random

Another problem with manual stops is that they don't truly do anything to alter the randomness of slots games. Random number generators govern how much money a slots machine will pay back over its existence, and no skill stop feature is going to change this fact. Long story short, there's not really much "skill" involved with manual stops.

Still Fun

Even though we've busted the myth that manually stopping reels will give you better slots results, it doesn't mean players should avoid using this feature. After all, many players enjoy stopping the reels themselves when things get boring. Additionally, some players might feel like they still have control over the reels this way, which brings more entertainment into the equation.