Slots Bonus Rounds: The Prizes aren't Free


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Few things in the gaming world are as fun and exciting as a slots bonus round. These games normally take you to a second screen where you play something that's totally non-slots-related such as clicking question marks to reveal prizes or shooting objects.

Besides the fact that you get a small break from spinning the reels, what's nice about slots bonus games is that they allow you to win "extra" payouts. The prevailing theme here is that whatever you win in bonus rounds is completely separate from payouts in the normal game.

So slots bonus rounds must be the greatest thing in the world, right? Unfortunately, the truth is that what you win in second-screen games aren't actually free prizes at all. That said, let's discuss why "bonus" payouts are one of the biggest myths in all of online slots.

Already Factored In

As most players know, slots games have payout percentages that let you know how much a game pays out over the long-term. For example, if a slots game has 95% payback, it's going to pay players back $0.95 for every $1 wagered over time.

So what many people think is that second-screen games make a payout percentage rise since bonus prizes are available. But in reality, these payouts are already factored into the equation from the beginning. Each slot machine is programmed with a specific amount of bonus rounds and extra payouts that it's supposed to offer. Taking this into account, bonus rounds aren't adding to a 95% payback figure; they're just helping players move closer to realizing this payout percentage.

Still a Great Time

While it's a little disappointing that bonus games won't help the average player beat slots, this certainly doesn't mean that they're not still highly entertaining. Many second-screen rounds offer a variety of themes that make people feel as if they're playing two games in one.

Plus bonus rounds can help players win some major money when they're on a hot streak. So overall, slots bonus games definitely bring an interesting element to spinning the reels.