Slots Bonus Games - Do they increase Payout Percentages?


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One commonly-held belief by online slots players is that games with bonus rounds have a positive effect on payout percentages. For example, if a slots game's payout percentage is 95%, some players think that the payback will rise to 96% or higher with bonus rounds involved. But in actuality, you can file this belief under the online slots myths category and we'll explain why.

Bonus Games are included in Payback

The whole idea that online slots bonus rounds lead to bigger payouts is based on the thought that you're essentially spinning for free money. And this is what slots game developers want you to think since the hope is that you truly believe you're getting a bonus through these rounds. 

However, the truth is that bonus rounds are included into a slots game's payout percentage. For instance, if you're on a 95% payback game with free spins and/or bonus games, the payout percentage doesn't suddenly shoot up to 98%. It stays the same because these freebies are already factored into the payback figure. 

Do Slots Bonus Games even Matter?

Seeing as how slots bonus rounds don't raise payback any higher than what it already is, some people wonder if these rounds even matter. And the truth is that it's all relative to what each individual player finds the most entertaining.

Many bonus games feature exciting skill contests that have nothing to do with spinning the actual reels. This gives players a nice little break, and a chance to play something in a totally different format. So from an entertainment perspective, slots bonus games really add something to the playing experience. 

One more thing worth mentioning here is that winning prizes through slots bonus rounds can be even more thrilling than getting wins on the reels; this all goes back to the "bonus" concept. So if you're looking for something more from slots games - yet not expecting it to increase the overall payout percentage - try slots with bonus rounds.