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While the main focus of online slots is often put on playing real money games and winning huge jackpots, there is also plenty of fun to be had by those who play slots for free. Fortunately, it doesn't take long at all to get yourself set up for free slots play, and here's a detailed look on everything you need to know about the subject.

Signing up at Online Casinos

The first step towards playing free slots is to find an online casino you like and sign up. This is a pretty simple process where you create an account by entering basic details like your name, home address, email address, phone number, username and password. The purpose of doing all of this is so that online casinos have your information if you ever decide to make a deposit and play real money slots games. Of course, there is no pressure to play real money slots, but the option is there if you're interested.

Free Slots Features

When you play slots for free, you'll notice that you have access to lots of different fun and exciting options. Some of the slots features you can take advantage of include multiple paylines, the auto spin function, different coin sizes, play money jackpots and a paytable (explains how payouts and paylines work). Essentially, you are treated to all of the features that real money players get at online casinos. And what's nice is that, if your play money bankroll runs out, you can just reload it and start playing again.

Transitioning to Real Money Play

Like we mentioned before, you can play slots for free without ever having to spend anything. But if you ever come to the point where you're interested in playing real money online slots games, the process for doing so is rather easy.

As a free slots player, your account will already be created, so you only need to visit the banking section and select the desired payment method. For instance, if you have a Moneybookers account, you can use this to make both deposits and withdraws. From here, you simply deposit money into your casino account and start playing slots games. Assuming you ever hit a jackpot or similar big payout, you can withdraw the money with the selected payment option and do with it as you like.