Penny Slots Tips


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The first game that most recreational slots players go for first is the penny slots games because they're cheap and a good way to pass the time. Plus, if you know the right penny slots strategy, you can win some big money while playing! This being said, let's take a quick look at some penny slots tips that will help you out.

Tip #1: Understand the Game before you play

More than a few penny slots beginners have put a dollar into the game expecting to get 100 spins, only to see their money disappear rapidly. The reason why is because they didn't check to see what betting options were selected when they began the game. Case in point, always look at how many paylines are selected, and what coin size you're betting before pushing the spin button. If you don't, the machine could automatically be set at $0.25 bets or higher.

Tip #2: Pennies won't make you Rich

One big allure to penny slots is that multi-million dollar jackpots are sometimes offered, which seems like an amazing opportunity since you only have to wager a penny each time. Unfortunately, where there are huge jackpots, there are normally max betting requirements. In short, don't expect to be making qualifying jackpot spins unless you're placing the max bet, which could be $1 or more.

Tip #3: Set a Bankroll

As stupid as it sounds, even penny slots players should determine their bankroll and stick to this amount. Assuming you are only interested in betting pennies and just want to blow some time, $10-$20 should be enough of a bankroll. However, if you actually want to make maximum spins and chase a huge jackpot, you're going to need at least $300 to get any serious playing time. Whatever the case may be though, set your bankroll and stick to it.

Tip #4: Payout Percentages are still Important

Just as with any slots game, payout percentages are still important in penny slots. If you're playing minimum bets on progressive penny slots games, you'll probably be looking at a 90% payout percentage or lower in online slots, and a 75% payout percentage or lower in land-based penny slots games. However, if you make the maximum bet and go after the jackpot, the projected payout percentage could rise to 95% for online slots and 80% for land-based slots.

Tip #5: Don't play Penny Slots just for Bonuses and Comps

Some slots players think that they're being extremely sneaky by sitting at penny slots games and milking the time in between spins. Going further, they think that if they take long enough, the casino will be duped into giving them free drinks and all sorts of comps. The reality is that casinos aren't stupid, and they've been in the game long enough to tell who's actually betting a decent amount of money, and who's pinching pennies in order to go comp hunting.