Why you're never "Due" for an Online Slots Win


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While we'd all love to win big in every online slots session, there'll be quite a few times where you simply go cold. And the one solace that many players take when they've gone cold is that they'll soon be due for a big winning streak. After all, the law of averages seemingly mandates that for every "down," there's going to be an "up." Unfortunately, you are never guaranteed anything while playing slots, and we'll explain why below.

Don't look into the Past

The primary reason why slots players think they'll eventually win big following losing streaks is because games have to meet their stated payout percentages. So if you've gone a while without winning, it only makes sense that some big profits are on the way.

However, the key thing to realize here is that past results never dictate the future in slots games. The reason why is because slots results are determined by random number generators, which create thousands of number sequences every second. The millisecond that you click your mouse to perform a spin, the RNG assigns one of the thousands of number sequences, thus ensuring everything is totally random.

So if a game states 95% payback and you've only been averaging around 50%, there's nothing guaranteeing that you're suddenly going to win. After all, every slots spin is independent of the last, which means you always have to look at each future spin as a separate entity. Plus it takes hundreds of thousands of spins before a game meets its designated payout percentage, so keep this in mind too.

Watch your Bankroll

The point of this discussion isn't to convince you to quit playing slots during a losing streak. After all, you may very well come out of the slump and win huge profits or even a jackpot. Instead, the goal here is to avoid spending money you don't have under the false belief that major winnings are right around the corner. 

If you're having a rough day with online slots, don't keep betting more and more just to earn it back. A better idea is to stop playing when you are no longer having fun and come back a different day. Doing so will help you clear your head and avoid making any foolish mistakes.