Free Online Slots Tips


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After reading the title of this article, you might be wondering what the point of knowing free online slots tips is. After all, there's no money at stake in a free slots game, so why would you care about sticking to any sort of strategy? But assuming you ever have aspirations of entering the real money online slots world, it's important to focus on sound playing principles now since free slots are a precursor to real money games.

Tip #1: Work on your Bankroll Management

A lot of people think that - if they ever do play real money slots - they'll just start getting serious about bankroll management then. But truth be told, frivolously spending your fake bankroll like a kid with Monopoly money certainly won't help you when your cash is actually on the line. So whenever you do think about moving up to real money games, strongly consider spending time working on bankroll management in the free slots games.

Tip #2: Don't Play Sloppy

In addition to spending your play bankroll wisely, it's also a smart idea to avoid sloppy play. Now what we mean by this is carelessly making decisions such as accidentally selecting too large of bets, or spinning the reels before you've selected the right options. If you're going to make these mistakes, it's certainly best to do them in free slots play. However, this is by no means an excuse to make silly bets just because real money isn't on the line. 

Tip #3: Work on Understanding Different Games

One more point that we'd like to make in this discussion involves how you should work on understanding betting options, payline amounts, and all of the different features available in various slots games. For example, if you've only played classic slots (one payline) before, it'd be a good idea to try a free slots game with multiple paylines; this way, you get to practice trying out different payline amounts to see what works best for you. Furthermore, you can mess around with the different coin sizes to find out what bet size you're comfortable using.

Above all, make sure to have fun with free online slots games - but don't have too much fun if you're planning on moving to real money games!