How often do Slots Payout Percentages change?


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As many slots players know, every game is programmed to pay back a certain percentage of bets made. For example, an online slots game that features 95% payback would typically deliver $0.95 on every $1 that's wagered. 

Common slots strategy suggests that you opt for games with the highest payout percentage in order to have the best possible chance of winning. However, it's worth mentioning that sometimes payout percentages can change, which worries certain players. In fact, some people think that casinos are constantly changing payback to make more money whenever they feel like it. Taking this thought into consideration, let's look at how often slots payout percentages actually change.

Complicated Process

Despite what some players think, the payback for slots games doesn't change very often. And one of the biggest reasons why is because casinos have to go through quite a bit of paperwork just to alter a game's payout percentage. There are various gaming authorities throughout the world that check to ensure players are being treated fairly. And these authorities work to prevent casinos from doing anything shady like changing slots payout percentages just to earn more money.

When do Payout Percentages Change?

Seeing as how the large majority of gaming venues can't just change payback whenever they feel like it, you might be wondering when payout percentages actually change. And the truth is that this rare occurrence normally happens when management or ownership changes hands. A new ownership group might have different ideas on how much they should be earning from each game, and this could cause a change in payback.

What you see is what you get

Now that we've put the idea of casinos constantly changing payout percentages to rest, it's worth mentioning how the payback you see is usually what you're getting. So in the instance of a 96% payback slots game, you can be fairly confident that the casino won't switch this number to 86% the next day just to increase profits. Casinos already have a good idea on what payout percentages they need to set to be profitable and competitive with the industry in the first place. So just know that what you see is almost always what the payout percentage will be.