Do Casinos really have a Strategy when placing Loose Slots?


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One of the oldest beliefs in the gaming world is the idea that casinos strategize as to where they'll place loose slots. And there are two thoughts on this matter, and you can read about both below:

1) Casinos put loose slot machines in dark corners so that fewer players are likely to play them and win money.

2) Gaming establishments place loose slots near the entrance so that people can see winners and want to play really bad.

As you can see, there are conflicting views on where loose slots are. But regardless, many people believe that casinos employ a strategy in regard to where slot machines are placed. So is there any truth to this notion? Let's cover the subject below.

Study of Slots

Wanting to solve the question of loose slots placement once and for all, a group of researchers set out to find an answer. They looked at 25 slots machines in nearly every Las Vegas casino and studied the results. What they discovered is that the average casino - across Vegas - was around 92%.

Going further, the study ultimately determined that there was correlation between payout percentages and where higher-paying machines are placed. And while this is just one study, it's also worth mentioning that nobody has every offered concrete proof on loose slot machine placement.

Where can you find Loose Slots?

Rather than relying on where loose slot machines are supposed to be located, you should do research as to where the best slots are. A good place to start is by looking up which Las Vegas casinos feature the highest-paying games, on average. You should also ask employees of the casinos where you play in regard to loose slots. Most of the time, they'll be very helpful when asked.

Another thing you should do is never trust signs in casinos. For instance, if you see something that reads "Up to 98% payback" under a group of slot machines, this doesn't exactly mean every machine pays out 98%. Only one game has to offer this much money back, so make sure you know which one(s).

Once again though, just make sure that you don't fall for the slots myth of machine placement. Only through proper research will you actually find the best slots games.