Beginning Online Slots Strategy


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One great thing about online slots is that it doesn't take a genius to figure these games out and strategy is rather uncomplicated. Unlike blackjack or video poker - where strategy can get pretty complex - you don't have to put a lot of work into learning slots tips.

But if you're just starting out with these games, it is important to realize that there are certainly things you can do to influence the slots house edge. This being said, let's look at some of the best slots strategy for beginners.

Play Free Slots for a Little Bit

When most people first start playing slots, they want to jump right into the action and win some money. However, if you're totally new to the concept, it's definitely a good idea to play some free games first. The reason why is because free slots allow you to try out the betting options such as differing paylines, coin sizes, and coins-per-line. By spending some time messing with these options beforehand, you'll save yourself from betting too much money on a single spin.

Research Casinos and Payout Percentages

The biggest factor in deciding the slots house edge revolves around payout percentages. For example, if a slots game features 95% payback, players will receive $0.95 back on each dollar wagered. Essentially, the higher a payout percentage is, the better the chance at earning long-term profits. Different casinos and games offer various payout percentages, so it's important to research both casinos and specific slots games before playing. Internet search engines are your friend in this matter.

Set up a Bankroll

Once you start playing real money online slots, it's important to establish a bankroll management plan. Now there's no end to the different ways that you could set your bankroll up. For instance, maybe you want to perform around 100 spins a day over a prolonged period of time. Assuming your bankroll was $200, you'd need to stick with penny and nickel bets to make this happen. Whatever the case may be, it's smart to establish a bankroll so you don't spend too much money on slots.

Keep Expectations Realistic

Anybody who starts playing online slots hopes to win a big jackpot someday. But everybody needs to understand that 'someday' could be a long ways off. So when you begin playing slots, keep in mind that the big prizes don't come around very often. Above all, just be sure to have fun with the game and stick to your bankroll!