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This is a short list of simple to remember, and easy to follow roulette tips. The fact is, there are no roulette tips that will make you a bundle, but there are some that may keep you from losing one

Favorable rules for the player:

  • Never follow anybody's system....
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Roulette terms, glossary, meaning of words: Roulette Terminology, Jargon, Slang, Vocabulary.

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  • Anchor - Last taken sit to the dealer's right.
  • A bet on the layout - A bet anywhere on the numbers portion of the table.
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How to play & Win at Roulette: Rules, plan, tactics, method, system, technique.

Roulette rules - Outside Bets
The roulette board contains the numbers 1 thru 36, plus 0 (European Roulette) and 00 (American Roulette). On the edges of the table are...

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How to play & Win at roulette: Strategy, plan, tactics, method, system, technique.
There is little you can do to influence the outcome at roulette. Therefore, rather than try to influence or predict the outcome, a good strategy would be to ride on the outcome and vary the intensity of...