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Bonus Slots Basics

Bonus slots include any slots game that offers some type of bonus feature. As you may have guessed, the whole point of bonus slots games is to give players more chances to win money away from normal play. What's nice is that you don't have to look far for bonus slots games because the majority of slots titles today have some kind of bonus feature. 

The most common bonus features include free slots spins and wild symbols, while there are also detailed and complex bonus rounds offered within slots games. The detailed bonus games are what really attract people to this particular style of slots because some of the games even involve skill. And what's really nice is that slots players don't have to be overly-experienced just to enjoy the bonus games.

Bonus Slots Features

As mentioned before, free spins are one of the most common bonus slots features found at online casinos. Sometimes you'll receive one free spin, and other times you'll get multiple free spins - it just depends on the game you're playing. To win free spins, you need to land the correct symbol(s) within the reels, and the game's help screen will indicate what symbol triggers free spins. The free spins give you extra chances to win credits on the reels without having to spend any money.

Wild symbols are also very common in online slots these days. As many people know, wild symbols substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations and higher payouts. In addition to this, the wild symbols can also trigger the jackpot, which is typically seen in 5 reel slots when five of them appear within a payline.

There are also bonus rounds that are essentially a game within a game. Just like free spins, these are triggered by certain symbols (often called scatter symbols), and you are taken to the bonus round where big prizes can be won. There is no set style of bonus game offered since some of these are governed by mere random chance, while other bonus rounds are complex affairs that involve skill.

For instance, one bonus round might involve taking 10 straight free spins to win prizes, while another will see you scratching off tickets to reveal your prize. You should be instructed on how to play these bonus games beforehand, and if you're not, the help screen is always available.

Bonus Slots Prizes

The most exciting aspect to bonus slots games is that you can win extra prizes and money through them. In most cases, your prize will be extra spins that can be used to win more money in the normal play mode. However, there are also certain slots bonus games that give you the chance to add more credits to your bankroll.

But no matter what the prize may be, bonus slots games are definitely a nice way to make extra profits in online slots. And if you enjoy skill-based casino games, the slots bonus games should definitely be of interest.